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  • Ibukunoluwa Salau

    Ibukunoluwa Salau

    Co-Founder of Afriktrip, Software Developer, and Student Representative

  • Divyosmi Goswami

    Divyosmi Goswami

    Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

  • Ali Saif

    Ali Saif

    Full-Stack Data & Decision Scientist | Quant | Educator | Problem Solver | P.Lang’s: C | C++ | Python | Julia | (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-saif)

  • Chris Kuang

    Chris Kuang

    Boston sports fan. Coding it Forward founder. Always forward. www.chriskuang.com

  • Brooke S. Sinclair

    Brooke S. Sinclair

    Tech Founder, Serial Entrepreneur @VelourIt. Founding Member @SheTransActs. Alumn @Founding @Foundergym.

  • Ime Essien

    Ime Essien

  • Daniel Strangfeld

    Daniel Strangfeld

    Building to change the world for better through entrepreneurship and design. https://twitter.com/danstrangfeld

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